Alliance Telecom Ltd

Whether you are originating or terminating calls, carriers and service providers can reap hight competitive advantages with Alliance Telecom Ltd.

    SS7 and VoIP. Wholesale hybrid network. PTTs, large carriers and emerging alternative carriers rely on our hybrid network, leveraging traditional TDM and Voice over IP. Major interconnection points of our network are in Frankfurt:

-   TDM. Connect to our network through TDM interconnection in NewTelco (AXE Ericsson SS7)

-   VoIP. With a VoIP connection, we will deliver your worldwide calls with the carrier quality.  Our carrier-grade Cisco equipment is located in ITENOS

    We have well-established partnerships with many small-to-medium sized VoIP companies providing termination to any region in the world.

    We have, and continue to build and expand our network and service portfolio within the regions of our operation, providing the best in class quality at market competitive pricing. We have direct routes to many Middle East and Africa destinations.

    Best-of-breed partnerships serve 195 international carriers

    Our 7 x 24 Network Operations Center (NOC), with Online Traffic Analysis uses call routing statistics for proactive troubleshooting and real-time monitoring of network performance capable of terminating calls to every country in the world with Tier I quality.