Alliance Telecom Ltd is an international voice telecommunication provider with point of presence  in Russia, CIS, Europe.

Alliance Telecom Ltd Carrier Services are available to communications providers worldwide who are in the business of selling and buying minutes.

With Alliance Telecom Ltd Carrier Services, you benefit from:

Carrier Prime voice services

Whether you are originating or terminating calls, Carriers and Service Providers can reap high competitive advantages with Alliance Telecom Ltd.

For terminating providers:

We have more than 30 000 000 minutes/monthly to terminate.  Consequently we need carriers to terminate our traffic. We are looking for carriers which can lower our cost while maintaining the good quality. If you provide us with it, you can count on large volumes of traffic and on-time payment from Alliance Telecom Ltd. Reference letters can be provided on request.

For originating providers:

Alliance Telecom Ltd Carrier Prime voice services. Retail quality, high availability with consistent performance and CLI delivery.

Alliance Telecom Ltd Carrier Wholesale voice services. Cost-effective A-Z termination. Market-leading aggressive rates.

Carrier Wholesale voice services

has a voice terminationAlliance Telecom Ltd/origination agreements with over 400 telecom partners that carry more than 30 million minutes monthly. Our clients include: Rostelecom, TransTeleCom, Orange Business Services and many others.